It’s been a hectic week, but as promised we have the second in what I hope to be a veeeeeery long series of #InstaxFriday – so without further ado, here is this week’s instalment!

New Zealand

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand – March 2014.

Nugget Point, New Zealand – March 2014.


These are two of my favourite travel memories, and they happily took place in my home country, New Zealand 🙂 The top image was taken whilst making the most breathtaking drive through Fiordland National Park. We’d spent the morning at Milford Sound, getting the early boat so we could get the best light… After the boat ride and a wander around the area, we made our way back through the National Park on the way to our next destination. I’m not sure if I could ever describe either in words or in images the sheer size and majesty of these mountains. The way they rise up quite violently from the landscape. Their crags and peaks, the way they soar up for what seems like miles. All I know is that they make you feel very small, and very humble.

The bottom image was taken at Nugget Point, also in the South Island. We’d been really excited about visiting this spot. The lighthouse at the very end of a point, the rocks below and the swirling ocean had us swooning before we even got there… As it turns out, we made it there just as daylight was fading. In a howling gale. And almost horizontal rain.

But that really wasn’t going to stop us.

With our jackets buttoned up tight, our cameras sheltered from the rain and haste in our step to try and make it to the point before the light completely faded, we ran to the lighthouse. And you know what? I think it was all the more beautiful for it. The water was rough and breaking over the rocks below, and the sea lions off to the left were barking up a storm to accompany us. Pretty magical.

As we made our way back in the darkness to our rental car, we came across some tourists in the carpark. Clearly, this was their camping spot for the night, and they were huddled under a tarpaulin, 2 minute noodles in hand as they tried to stay warm in the wind and rain. But even they had massive grins on their faces – it’s really not a bad place to be, even in the rain.

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