My Favourite Travel moment – Adrienne Pitts

Adrienne PittsWe all have stories of favourite things which have happened whilst travelling. Some are big a-ha moments which can leave us a little breathless, and others can just bring a massive smile to our faces. Whatever they are, I’d like to celebrate them!

I’m gathering a collection of stories and images from some of my favourite travellers, which I’m excited to be able to share here with you. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them and experiencing these moments that take your breath away…

So, I guess I have to go first, huh? Here we go!

I’ll be honest – if you know me, you will have heard this story before. It’s my best one. So please excuse me if you’ve already heard me wax on about it – I won’t be upset if you go and make a coffee for a minute…

My favourite travel moment happened in Sardinia, Italy, about 5 years ago. I’d been living in London for a few years, it was near the end of winter, and maaaaaan the darkness and the cold was getting me down. At the urging of my co-workers (who were probably just tired of hearing me moan about the weather) I booked a 4 day weekend for myself in Sardinia. It was cheap, it was warm, and it was Italy. Four days by myself in the sunshine of Alghero was just what I needed, and I read, swam and ate the island’s entire stock of lemon gelato.

My evening ritual was to head into the old town in time for sunset. Walking along the old fortress wall is a favourite thing to do there, and at sunset as the sun heads toward the water, the gulls all come out and wheel across the sky. It’s something pretty special.

One night I was walking along to my usual spot and I saw an elderly couple. Seated on a bench by the wall, they were completely and utterly enraptured with the sunset. They were so still for so long, that I started to doubt that they were breathing. But they had a smile on their faces, and it was clear that it was a very special moment for them.

I couldn’t help it, I took a photograph of them. Him sitting, her standing. They stayed that way until the sun went down (by this time I had retreated around a corner to watch them a little more subtly).

That in itself is one of my favourite moments.

But it gets a little better. It turns out that Sardinia became a place I went back to a few years later. It was very cheap to get to from London, I had found a basic B&B close to the beach which I liked, and I needed another dose of sunshine.

Once again I walked my usual sunset route, and once again I found myself face to face with this same couple. Sitting in the same place, enjoying the sunset. Just like I am sure they have every day in between the first day I saw them and the last…

Do you have a favourite travel moment? I’d love to hear it! You can leave a note in the comments below!

  1. Love this! I think my favorite travel moment has to be when I stood under a huge mountain/boulder in Big Bend National Park and watched these amazing clouds roll over the top of it. The wall of clouds clung to the slope until they got low enough, and then they would break off and float right over our heads. It was truly a surreal experience, and probably the most magical natural phenomenon I’ve come across so far.


  2. Oh, I love moments like that when you’re traveling! It’s really my favorite part about it. I think it’s what makes it especially memorable for me. One of those moments for me was when I was in Ireland last summer on Valentia Island, off the coast of Cahersiveen. The weather was starting to get stormy so the wind was really strong. We stood just outside of the lighthouse watching the waves thrash against the rocks below us and it felt so surreal. Like we were so small and helpless, getting whipped around by the wind.


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