The astute amongst you might have noticed that there was no #InstaxFriday last week – my apologies for that. Life happened and sometimes the internet has to take a back seat to other things…

The good news however, is that I’ve learned how to schedule a post (hurrah!) and so even though (all things being equal) I’m probably drinking a large Gin & Tonic in Brighton right now, this post is still winging it’s way to the world wide web. Thanks, technology!

So, a week late and a couple of Instaxes short, is what I am. Here is where I try and make it up to you…


Ahhhh, a little California sunshine. I could definitely use some of it right now, so it seems an appropriate time to share these images…

These are from September of 2014, when I headed over to the States for Phoot Camp (that post is still on the way). Before Phoot however, my dear friend Kristina, the lovely Lisa and I decided to take a road trip which we called ‘Our West Coast Wander’. We drove from San Diego all the way up to Yosemite in a day (pro tip – it takes a while. Might want to overnight somewhere if you can), and awoke in paradise.

On the way back from Yosemite, we drove along the coast, stopping off at Big Sur and the famous Bixby Bridge. As I stood near the edge of the cliff looking down at the Pacific, I could hear excited tourists next to me exclaiming that they had just seen a pod of whales somewhere off the coast. Try as I might, I couldn’t see them for myself. But that swirling blue vastness was enough of a sight for me. I could happily sit by the ocean for hours watching the waves roll by…

Fast forward a week and Phoot Camp is over. We’re all dusty and dirty with very full memory cards and more than a few cactus spikes sticking into us. Do we give up and go home? No. We go to Palm Springs.

Daniel’s birthday saw a group of us heading to the tropical oasis that is Palm Springs (seriously, what a place!) and we spent a few days in a beautiful rented home, drinking cocktails and trying to perfect our inflatable-turtle-surfing techniques… Something about blue skies and palm trees always gets me. Sunshine and a body of water to swim in – that’s my happy place.

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