The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Must be another #InstaxFriday!

I’ve just booked tickets to Norway to travel around with two very dear friends, so it seems fitting to post some pics from the last time I travelled with one of those friends, the lovely Helena.

Back in 2013, I headed to New York to spend my birthday with great friends in one of my favourite cities in the world. After the birthday festivities were over, a couple of us packed up and headed upstate on our Numb Toes Tour (if you want to see our Instagram shots from the trip they’re all still there under #NumbToesTour) . Henry, Helena, Nina, Todd, Kristina, Lyndon and I packed our warmest clothes, an endless supply of beer, some sparklers and a sense of adventure and headed north where the snow was plentiful and the views were absolutely spectacular…

We stayed in Barryville for a few days and ran around like crazy shooting photos, exclaiming over frozen rivers, grabbing portraits, making human pyramids and chasing the best light. It was my first time trying half-and-half in my coffee. It was a local dinner with the sweetest old guys in it. It was getting super excited about yellow school busses (JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES YOU GUYS!).

Here are a few Instax memories from those magical few days – guys, can we go back now?

Barryville, New York, USA, Winter, Adventure, Frozen, Numb Toes Tour



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