An escape into Wonderland with Architects of Air

I’m back in my homeland of New Zealand for a few months, taking some time to be with family, soak up some summer sun, and contemplate my next big move (!)

Happily for me, my arrival also coincided with the Tauranga Festival of the Arts and my Mum had sneakily gone off and bought us surprise tickets to what was hands-down the best show in town.

Architects of Air are a UK-based group who create the most fantastically colourful and bright installations (luminarium) I have ever seen. Much like walking into a Yayoi Kusama installation results in a perma-grin being plastered on your face, walking into the inflatable colourful world of the Architects of Air produces the same kind childlike, ebullient and all-encompassing joy.

If you find yourself near one of their beautiful installations and wish to experience the greatest sense of wonder, I can only recommend you enter. And get ready for your face to hurt from smiling.

Arboria, by Architects of Air

Arboria, by Architects of Air

Arboria, by Architects of Air

Arboria, by Architects of Air


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