Foggy London

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of the British winter. I tend to use those few freezing months over Christmas and the New Year to nip off home to New Zealand – to soak my bones in an Antipodean summer and wrap my arms firmly around my family for at least a few weeks.

But, in 2016, for a myriad of reasons, I couldn’t. I found myself still in the UK, having my first London Christmas in years, and reaaaaaaally not feeling all that enthusiastic about it. But the thing is, despite the gloom and cold, London is G L O R I O U S  in the fog, transformed into a murky and mystical place where figures emerge and it’s easy enough to recede. It gets a little more sobering when you learn that in the first five days of 2017, London hit its yearly limit for air pollution. But, to be a little Pollyanna about the whole thing, there’s also no doubting that wrapping up warm and strolling London in the pea-soupy fog feels decidedly Dickensian, and definitely makes the grey skies way more bearable.

So, on a day when I had been sure I was going to stay in my PJ’s and Netflix pretty hard, I instead bundled up and took a rapturous wander around Queens Park. Here’s the little set of iPhone 7+ photos that resulted from an hour spent swimming through the fog…

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